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Zatoun Fair Trade Products


$5 for 5 oz bag

Long a staple of Palestinian cooking and fast food, za’atar is made with wild thyme and sumac picked in the hills of Palestine mixed with roasted sesame seeds and salt. Add za’atar to breads, dips, pizza, salad dressings, soups, meats, vegetables and marinades - virtually anything.

Olive Oil Soap

Set of four bars $15

This soap is excellent for the skin, especially the face.  These bars are made with Olive Oil and Pomegranate, Fig, Mint & Dead Sea Mud.

Individual Bars $6

The individual bars are pure white soap and are totally natural with no color or chemical additives.

Olive Oil

$20 per bottle

This extra virgin olive oil is not only perfect for salads and dips, but it also acts as an excellent skin care agent.

Palestine Peace Awareness Inc. is a registered non-profit organization. Proceeds are used to directly benefit Palestinian farmers and children living in occupied Palestine and to create awareness for peace in Palestine. The name "Zatoun" could not be registered because the legal name of a non-profit must reflect its purpose.  However, Zatoun continues as our trade name because it speaks to people through its Arabic character and direct translation to the word "olive".

A basic food such as olive oil reminds us of our humanity and from there an opening to understanding and recognition of our commonality. The olive is the universal symbol of peace, forgiveness and understanding. The focus on something as basic and unthreatening as olives opens a door for North Americans to experience another people’s humble but precarious life.

United Presbyterian Church proudly supports this mission through the sale of Zatoun Fair Trade Products.  The products we sell include: Olive Oil, Za’atar (a spice mixture), and Olive Oil Soap. (sets and individual bars)